Kia Rio

From R248 995

With the spaciousness of a transporter and the compact manoeuvrability of a hatchback, KIA's all-new Rio is perfect for any energetic and adventurous driver.

Safety is a priority

The KIA Rio’s frame is made of a state-of-the-art structural steel composite, making the Rio's cabin and safer and even more secure. It’s even equipped with six airbags to add to your peace of mind and protection in the event of a collision.

Intelligent performance coupled with stylish design

Choose between the dynamic 1.2 litre and the powerful 1.4 litre models with a variety of optional extras and colour schemes to choose from. The Rio is even available in either automatic or manual transmission which means you can tailor your driving experience the way you want it.

Comfort in technology

A chrome accented centre console exudes style while the conveniently designed steering wheel lets you stay in control of information and entertainment without taking your eyes off the road. The new KIA Rio is equipped not only with a high-tech display but also electric windows, allowing you to sit back with the wind in your hair and with your favourite songs playing as you drive.

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